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300+ Spotify Premium Accounts Free (Sep 2020) [Working]

There are a lot of people out there using Spotify Premium to listen to music, so it is no wonder that account invites are being sent out to all these users. Even though many people use Spotify Premium, it does not mean people will automatically invite you. This is quite common for free accounts so you can get Spotify Premium accounts free.

Spotify is one of the best apps you can use to listen to music. It’s got an incredible library, with over 30 million songs, and you can add your favorite songs to your account directly from the app itself. If you’d like to get your hands on 300+ free Spotify Premium Accounts, you’ll want to hit the link below.

If you really want to know how to get free Spotify premium accounts and also how to hack Spotify premium accounts, then you are at the right place to get free Spotify premium accounts to enjoy unlimited music on your devices without any restrictions. If the Spotify web player is not working in Chrome, fix it now. As a music lover, everyone probably dream to enjoy music all their life, but it is a bit difficult to enjoy all the music we want because it is very difficult to get it in one place, but after reading this article, you can get all the music you want in one place. Yes, Spotify is a music app that allows you to enjoy an unlimited amount of music in one place. Spotify is gaining popularity every day due to its enduring features compared to other music streaming apps. You can also download Spotify Premium Apk for free from here. Spotify Premium listing word-image-10431

  • Message: The Spotify premium accounts I’ve given here work perfectly at the time I published this article, but I’m not sure if some Spotify premium accounts work or not, all because many users change their login details when they get Spotify premium accounts. Delete your Spotify account if you are having problems.

Content of this article

On Spotify:

Spotify actually exists in three modes: 1) Spotify Free, 2) Spotify Premium, and 3) Spotify Family. The free version of Spotify comes with music, but you may encounter ads in between playing the music. But when it comes to Spotify Premium and Spotify Family, you might not get ads between plays and you might feel comfortable with Spotify Premium. You can get all the premium features on Spotify++. But it is very difficult to pay this amount if you are a student or someone else who cannot afford Spotify Premium. So this article mainly helps people who want to get Spotify Premium free without paying a dime, it’s all kudos, read more to get Spotify Premium accounts free.

What is Spotify?

Spotify gives you instant access to millions of songs, from old favourites to the latest hits. Just press play to play what you want. You can listen to any genre with one search if you have a Spotify Premium account. After reading this entire article, you will be able to get free Spotify premium accounts. Install Pandora++ on iOS 13+/12+/11+/10+/9+/8+/7+.

  • Warning: My dear blog users, please do not change your credentials if you have Spotify premium accounts for free, why if you change anything in the accounts, the accounts will be locked due to this many users complain to me how the accounts provided here do not work. If you experience the problem of blocking your account, don’t worry, visit this blog regularly, I will update this blog with Spotify Premium accounts.

I think you all know what Spotify is? If you don’t know what it is, let me give you a brief overview of the Spotify application. The Spotify app is one of the best music streaming apps in the world, available only in certain countries. The SoundCloud++ app for iOS is also available here.

Spotify free premium accounts:

Spotify Premium accounts hacked


Spotify Premium account username Spotify Premium account password
[email protected] Roots81
[email protected] HAmburak15
[email protected] mishka2222
[email protected] ca170578
[email protected] meow672
[email protected] maru0903
[email protected] se4ude4u
[email protected] dragus1975
[email protected] 1986vale
[email protected] Zebedee
[email protected] cleayouna44
[email protected] 2w g7p
[email protected] Ciro1127
[email protected] Leonardo21
[email protected] Bruno1234
[email protected] Amelia
[email protected] lamarca357
[email protected] orca
[email protected] Riddle00
[email protected] 1Kilcher1
[email protected] Communion
[email protected] large
[email protected] Cricket18
[email protected] black rose6
[email protected] arc10cnor
[email protected] saprissa2008
[email protected] 876545ll
[email protected] ff4ec533
[email protected] DarKnight256
[email protected] pecnonod77
[email protected] Kar759335
[email protected] 951753
[email protected] dg748104
[email protected]:Ca vapu2
[email protected] Netred22
[email protected] pecnonod77
[email protected] T NJtnjj7
[email protected] Knocksteady01
Francomallia olivia95
[email protected] amymolly
[email protected] Ty2mat68
[email protected] adam30082000
[email protected] calvin2hobbes
[email protected] eacret91
[email protected] Twinky2
[email protected] mike7515
[email protected] pr3ss10n
[email protected] pool123456789
[email protected] 16071992
[email protected] yakup5672

Spotify premium account list:


Spotify Premium account username Spotify Premium account password
[email protected] surya888
[email protected] bluebird24
[email protected] Francisca
[email protected] michael34
[email protected] JanetS01
[email protected] blinding
[email protected] 934xjevr75
[email protected] Ireland1
[email protected] Corbin Rocks1
[email protected] 0 considered
[email protected] Jazz1313
[email protected] Pepper01
[email protected] pae16598
[email protected] hunter2615
[email protected] sexy girls
[email protected] lucy0208
[email protected] Jswe1201
[email protected] Curly1
[email protected] Mviolin315
[email protected] forever16
[email protected] 16071992
[email protected] Armitage3III
[email protected] Metal rock666
[email protected] maenni26
[email protected] Dude933
[email protected] Denmark1
[email protected] Pulse12
[email protected] Trevreg19
[email protected] derekboqi2
[email protected] starwars5634
[email protected] Jukaca363
[email protected] bluebird24
[email protected] Pattyb156
[email protected] k2051729
[email protected] Chloe123
[email protected] siro0516
[email protected] yakup5672
[email protected] lol41295
[email protected] alysia01
[email protected] Lz04042002
[email protected] Scooter1968
[email protected] surya888
[email protected] Francisca
[email protected] 87571960
[email protected] Leinad26
[email protected] olle870510
[email protected] as402782
[email protected] xep623mn
[email protected] Skater09
[email protected] 010407

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How to hack a Spotify Premium account


Spotify Premium account username Spotify Premium account password
[email protected] sancharbel
[email protected] Joker2891
[email protected] haakipa
[email protected] 832636
[email protected] 20 flowers
[email protected] buster11
[email protected] 220215
[email protected] laserena
[email protected] 8520abcd
[email protected] sandra2506
[email protected] Chris213
[email protected] 87571960
[email protected] haderslev17
[email protected] dilegge23
[email protected] arnef8988
[email protected] Summer 12
[email protected] Pants1951
[email protected] linda427
[email protected] 2138009
[email protected] Clayton
[email protected] 128alavender
[email protected] Henk1999
[email protected] enzolauti
[email protected] macy3
[email protected] mkgekt7b
[email protected] SimShipp12
[email protected] buster101
[email protected] onyx1may2
[email protected] Tomlax25
[email protected] joshua00
[email protected] melaka08
[email protected] diamond69
[email protected] Sinclair
[email protected] Mediterranean1
[email protected] mchotluver15
[email protected] 0pot0
[email protected] Football365
[email protected] josel2000
[email protected] hamitos6
[email protected] DeadRoom2
[email protected] GrahamReed1998
[email protected] Coati1979
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[email protected] donna1
[email protected] b4A71Dvo
[email protected] johnapaul
[email protected] starwars2234
[email protected] thc666
[email protected] conker

Free Spotify Premium accounts:


Spotify Premium account username Spotify Premium account password
[email protected] SexyBack10
[email protected] Lizzie88
[email protected] harley69
[email protected] csthunder1
[email protected] Panther2001
[email protected] casey502
[email protected] July11996
[email protected] benjac27
[email protected] Lennox21
[email protected] uhbuhbb
[email protected] Columnist01
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[email protected] 666igor666
[email protected] 308200
[email protected] perry123
[email protected] Diabetes56
[email protected] Almira3592
[email protected] Almira3592
[email protected] thijssen
[email protected] 5433397
[email protected] 333000
[email protected] mivanilla
[email protected] faizrul1
[email protected] olivia1969
[email protected] lela1379
[email protected] bostera16
[email protected] myleon110
[email protected] 199090
[email protected] mamacita
[email protected] Literature
[email protected] Key ring
[email protected] zidane
[email protected] Package 20018253
[email protected] David218
[email protected] Formula 1
[email protected] INQUIBUS28
[email protected] sammuel31
[email protected] hayden01
[email protected] juliaindia
[email protected] a4744635bb
[email protected] emmanuel200
[email protected] blah2489
[email protected] Lu110991
[email protected] Tyrannosaurus95
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[email protected] goya54
[email protected] Champagne1
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[email protected] 0892046814

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Free Spotify Premium accounts and passwords:


Spotify Premium account username Spotify Premium account password
[email protected] justicia15
[email protected] lauramac
[email protected] jalo8425
[email protected] Justin99
[email protected] Evaristes2
[email protected] djcorco92
[email protected] drpepper81
[email protected] Almafa42
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[email protected] entrekter93
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[email protected] 0Password
[email protected] sancharbel
[email protected] 29251510
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[email protected] Miller1983
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[email protected] Ipodtouch15
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[email protected] Wassup123
[email protected] Concorde012
[email protected] Girls04
[email protected] Must2929
[email protected] Candice1
[email protected] MicJac66

Spotify Premium Accounts Cracking:


Spotify Premium account username Spotify Premium account password
[email protected] Viking1986
[email protected] Hawkh233
[email protected] Mobious1
[email protected] 2Athena2
[email protected] Clyde8855
[email protected] Sunriver1
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[email protected] Baby Lover123
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Free Spotify family accounts


Spotify Premium account username Spotify Premium account password
[email protected] George01
[email protected] [email protected]$Sword1
[email protected] Hengelo2
[email protected] abntrm99
[email protected] 660814187
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Free Spotify accounts for families


User name Password Subscription Recurring date Status Country
GhostOddity nruto1 Premium 11/26/18 Family Bonus Spotify pirates in the US
In cold blood40 fister88 Premium 11/25/18 Family Bonus Spotify pirates in the US
LSDreamscape lucyinthesky1 Premium 12/7/18 Family Bonus GB Spotify Crackers
pepe1lv ffmaniacs Premium 12/13/18 Family Bonus CL Spotify Crackers
freakmasterous kj6m4fkd Premium 12/13/18 Family Bonus CL Spotify Crackers
lbjenner 2PsygoC3 Premium 12/2/18 Family Bonus EN Spotify Crackers
Natedogg5795 Rebels25 Premium 12/5/18 Family Bonus Spotify pirates in the US
jclawrence12 Senators12 Premium 11/19/18 Family Bonus CA Spotify Crackers
eazyduzit2000 whimsical-classical Premium 12/1/18 Family Bonus Spotify pirates in the US
ankhdat ankhdat Premium 11/26/18 Family Bonus Spotify pirates in the US
1Crab vacuum cleaner Killer2142 Premium 11/21/18 Family Bonus AU Spotify Crackers
VictorYudi111 2692847victor Premium 12/6/18 Family Bonus BR Spotify Crackers
david01228 tea for you Premium 11/26/18 Family Bonus Spotify pirates in the US
MrWenis jackdp02 Premium 11/30/18 Family Bonus Spotify pirates in the US
Jokerify happydiamond Premium 12/9/18 Family Bonus SE Spotify Crackers

How do I get Spotify Premium free forever?


[email protected] Password 13 Family bonus, ES
[email protected] Paradox1 Family Bonus, United States
[email protected] Monika1999 Family Price, SE
[email protected] imtheshit Premium, USA
[email protected] Soccer123 Premium, USA
[email protected] madalina12 Family bonus, ES
[email protected] imakuni Family Bonus, United States
[email protected] ljy83365559 Family bonus, ES
[email protected] Master Uncle91 Family bonus, ES
[email protected] Kosuke11 Family bonus, ES
[email protected] Patoloko1 Family bonus, ES
[email protected] 11Rail Family bonus, ES
[email protected] Minecraft255 Family bonus, ES
[email protected] 9qw32mwS Premium, USA
[email protected] 0107Lool Premium, USA
[email protected] Scarlet01 Premium, USA
[email protected] ciociaro92 Premium, USA
[email protected] Dude1 Premium, USA
[email protected] ssad5885686 Premium, USA
[email protected] indomito2 Family Price, SE
Rigoletto Marciano12 Family Price, SE
two faces1997 ata621 Family Price, SE
oliverhaggblom Calle2001 Family Price, SE
dainzane morsan84 Family Price, SE
Sanureich harman12995 Family Price, SE

Updated: 18/10/2019

Latest Spotify Premium accounts:


User name Password Country
[email protected] 613712419 HK
[email protected] 4gu4vva123 EN
[email protected]:casathomilka casathomilka EN
[email protected] SEANsean1 USA
[email protected] Chouchou1992 CH
[email protected] ambre23 GB
[email protected] Kaiati1212 PH
argelisgil 1a2b11bf22 CONTACT
[email protected] Lucia 1996. EN
[email protected] 217Kerry AT
[email protected] Archaeology123 AT
[email protected] barbara77 IT
[email protected] Foodman5 USA
[email protected] Azerty1964 EN
[email protected] google23 TH
[email protected] zac1cora CA
[email protected] cgc122100 USA
[email protected] Nate1357 AT
[email protected] moles6632 GB
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[email protected] Football95 GB
[email protected] Mother2b GB
[email protected] Q8812162017q SE
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[email protected] Emily123 EN
[email protected] okonkwo23 USA
[email protected] shorty1425 USA
[email protected] Lady2894 USA
[email protected] alaina19 USA
[email protected] Lasertag1! USA
[email protected] Florian776. EN
[email protected] Conrad00 USA
[email protected] Bunny11! USA
[email protected] Oakley2011 GB
[email protected] Shilly0! EN
[email protected] Scampino73! EN
[email protected] Shomao2145 AT
[email protected] Fluffy 12! EN
[email protected] Danced1 ! NO
[email protected] Anusia123 PL
[email protected] Hejy260795 GB
[email protected] Nails01 USA
[email protected] Ferguson7 GB
[email protected] gmqj89 HK
[email protected] Patriots1 USA
[email protected] Dave11kurt IE
[email protected] Markdc101 USA
[email protected] Lolli123 AT
[email protected] Goldilocks2 GB

Updated 6/6/2020

Spotify Premium Accounts Daily update:


User name Password Country
[email protected] derrick1998 USA
[email protected] Turner12 GB
[email protected] dkh9w4ab EN
[email protected] Olympiakos GR
[email protected] Rover24 GB
[email protected] Cocoa2866 USA
[email protected] Pakistan30 GB
marco[email protected] pgpm3125 MX
[email protected] hi987 USA
[email protected] jkec192211 PH
[email protected] 6336dinz AT
[email protected] mar5base5 USA
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[email protected] helios09 GB
[email protected] Mango251067 AT
[email protected] scottm20 AT
[email protected] sacred247 GB
[email protected] Noasark2001 USA
[email protected] Cheeseburger12! AT
[email protected] Cartoon02! USA
[email protected] Jellaz00 EN
[email protected] Karkiat69 SG
[email protected] Turitu87 IT
[email protected] pupsy203 USA

Updated 04/09/2020

Spotify Premium accounts updated daily


User name Password Subscription Country
[email protected] 07Pistol01 Spotify Premium USA
[email protected] EvaMaria01 Member of the Spotify Premium family EN
[email protected] Zebra13! Spotify Premium EN
[email protected] ¡QA2ws3ed4rf Student Bonus GB
[email protected] Amsterdam1945 Prices for family members EN
[email protected] alejaja555 Spotify Premium Duo PL
[email protected] Ponton1989. Spotify Premium GB
[email protected] 1610Glen Spotify Premium AT
[email protected] Commodus123 Spotify Premium USA
[email protected] claramigo02 Member of the Spotify Premium family EN
[email protected] ASUs1248 Spotify Premium GB
[email protected] robertzw19939 Spotify Premium PL
[email protected] Menele1701 Spotify Premium PL
[email protected] 96Matysek Member of the Spotify Premium family CZ
[email protected] Witchcraft66 Member of the Spotify Premium family CH
[email protected] Bebecloe2828 Spotify Premium Duo EN
[email protected] wjg161301 Spotify Premium USA
[email protected] NEbur1996 Member of the Spotify Premium family EN
[email protected] Gapple4737!!! Student Bonus USA
[email protected] Kaley02 Free Spotify USA
[email protected] Dmmi2821 Free Spotify USA
[email protected] Nannabug456 Free Spotify ID
[email protected] delonio5000 Free Spotify BR
[email protected] QGGLU849R Free Spotify CONCENTRATION CAMP
[email protected] MNUUOEEZQ Free Spotify GB

Update 18/June/2021

Spotify Premium Accounts & Passwords free :


User name Password Subscription Country
[email protected] Sabian14 Spotify Premium Duo BR
[email protected] Packer4 Student Bonus USA
[email protected] Ashlyn71103 Spotify Premium USA
[email protected] 1975924a Spotify Premium with Hulu USA
[email protected] skye2501 Member of the Spotify Premium family USA
[email protected] Bigboy12 Spotify Premium with Hulu USA
[email protected] [email protected] Spotify Premium Duo EN
[email protected] Nicholas. Student Bonus CA
[email protected] Mg110576! Member of the Spotify Premium family USA
[email protected] jake4eyes Member of the Spotify Premium family USA
[email protected] godamnit Spotify Premium EN
[email protected] 21451568 Member of the Spotify Premium family USA
[email protected] godamnit Spotify Premium EN
[email protected] be8cr Student Bonus GB
[email protected] melamel93 Spotify Premium Duo IT
[email protected] 2894721Za Spotify Premium USA
[email protected] Lej0jUHr Spotify Premium EN
[email protected] iXHdCK1N Spotify Premium Duo USA
[email protected] tyaztQT84Naw Spotify Premium USA
[email protected] HPYKECTPLO84 Spotify Premium Duo USA
[email protected] PBB1m1209l Spotify Premium EN
[email protected] DC1Xnfg3dyjX Spotify Premium USA
[email protected] KTgGSXJiZ Spotify Premium USA
[email protected] sbzDyDTfTlny Spotify Premium EN
[email protected] 2JiW0byxShM Spotify Premium Duo USA


That’s it folks, I think most Spotify Premium accounts I’ve given here work fine, you don’t have to worry. If you find that an account doesn’t work this way, please let us know and we’ll update this article with the new Spotify Premium accounts. So visit this page regularly to get free Spotify premium accounts. If you want a real alternative to Spotify, download HiMusic. In this article you will find usernames and passwords to get Spotify premium accounts. If a username or password doesn’t work for you, let me know in the comments section. Come back regularly, I will post this article when I get new invoices. Thank you for choosing OM Geeky. For more information, visit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Spotify Premium free 2021?

This tutorial will tell you how to get Spotify Premium free in future. Spotify is a music streaming service that lets you listen to millions of songs for free. This means that you have to either listen to ads or pay for Spotify Premium, which lets you play music without ads, and listen to offline music. However, there is a way to get Spotify Premium for free until 2021.

How can I get Spotify Premium for free?

If you have Spotify Premium and you want to get your hands on some extra users for the free version, then the trick is to email the Premium account owners and ask them to switch to the free version. If you are lucky, there will be a reply with a link to download a Spotify app which will log you into their Spotify accounts. I’m trying to help someone who doesn’t want to spend money on Spotify Premium. I probably can’t do this, but I’ll try. I’ve only used Spotify Premium, and I never paid for it so I don’t have any useful data. But, there are a lot of paid Spotify Premium accounts, and some of them are worth it.

Why is my Spotify Premium not working?

Spotify is one of the best music streaming services out there. Amazingly, it’s also free (for the most part) and available on pretty much every device imaginable. But why is Spotify not working? Is it due to something that you did? Is it a network issue? Is it due to something wrong with your device? The answer is likely all three. I am an avid Spotify Premium user. When I discovered that Spotify was giving away a 300 Spotify Premium accounts every month and all you needed was an existing Spotify account, I immediately signed up. However, I have yet to get the 300 free Spotify accounts that they promised me.

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