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5 Best Apps Parents Use to Monitor Their Child’s Phone

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In this guide, I want to show you 5 great apps you can use to keep a discreet eye on your child’s phone. After reading this article, you’ll have everything you need to read your messages, view your browsing history, and even track your location via GPS without much technical knowledge.

Hello, my friends! Here, your friend Frankie gives you helpful tips on how to protect your children.

If you are one of those parents who is worried about what your child is doing on their phone, you have come to the right place.

Many growing up situations can be frightening for mothers and fathers who want to protect their children. In addition to traditional problems such as alcohol and drugs, bullying and cyberbullying have come to the forefront as a threat to children. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media sometimes create unstable relationships, with Anna Lau sharing photos, media and personal information.

Since more than half of all children in the United States now have a cell phone, this is an urgent issue.

If you’re a good parent and ask questions about the apps your kids are using, there are ways to find out more. You may be wondering if Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and other communication tools are really safe. You may want to know how to control what they store on their phone.

And if you find that your kids are hiding their phones and can’t find you, you may want to access them quickly and efficiently. Often what they are trying to hide from you is something you need to know.

Use this guide to learn how to get your questions answered.

There are apps that allow adults to track a child’s activity on their device. This practice is legal and in most cases leaves no trace on the child’s phone. They won’t know. These apps are designed to make it easy to have conversations on social media, even if your kids are using dating apps. You can also access GPS locations in real time.

Let’s not waste time and get to the point.

Top 5 apps to monitor your child’s phone activity

I’ve ranked the best monitoring software to help you keep track of everything that happens on your child’s phone.

It should be noted that I have tried to keep this chart current by personally testing the software. There are many apps that claim to help you control your child’s smartphone, I must have missed a few. If you have a positive experience with the software and would like to share it with me or other readers of this blog, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

1. mSpy (the best app to monitor a child’s phone activity)

What you need to know in advance:

  • Works on Android/iPhone
  • Easy to use
  • Leaves no trace on the target phone
  • No jailbreak (iPhone) or rooting (Android) is required.

In my opinion, the first place among the best spy applications is taken by mSpy. I keep saying it, and for good reason.

This is one of the most widely used surveillance apps in the world, providing everything you need to keep a full eye on your child’s phone.

It is available in two versions – Basic and Premium. If you want to monitor multiple phones simultaneously, you can purchase a family license with 3 premium licenses.

Let’s understand the difference between the two available versions.

The basic version of this software is not invasive, but it does give you some control over basic activities on your child’s phone, for example. B. the location of his property. You can also access call logs, browsing history and any media files stored on your device.

The Premium license goes much deeper. You can now open social media and read discussions from Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and other messaging apps.

If you want to know more about the differences between the two programs, you can visit the official website of mSpy.

These features work on both Android and iPhone. Just follow these steps to get started:

  1. Purchase your license online (if you follow this link, you will receive a 15% discount).
  2. Installing the software on the target phone
  3. Go to your dashboard to track any new information you receive.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

All spy apps on the market work at 100% of their potential when the target device is jailbroken (iPhone) or rooted (Android).

OPINION: Rooting and jailbreaking are procedures used to unlock the device and remove factory restrictions. When these barriers are removed, spyware can better penetrate the device.

mSpy is one of the only products that can bypass this process and does not require rooting or jailbreaking.

Let me explain.

If the phone you want to control is an iPhone, you can install inspire without jailbreaking, even if it only gives you access to certain features. For example, spying on WhatsApp, iMessage and SMS logs. You can also access exchanged emails, internet browsing history, etc. If you want to access Facebook and Messenger, Tinder, Snapchat and other similar apps, the target device must have been hacked.

If the target is an Android phone, you can install this software without rooting it. Screen Recorder lets you take screenshots of your phone every time your child connects to a social network. You can see screenshots of the dashboard and read about conversations that have taken place. As with the iPhone, the options are limited without rooting.

TIPS: Personally, I suggest controlling the situation from the beginning. Buy the phone, root/jailbreak it, install the mSpy version on it, and then give it to your kid as a gift. You’ll never know anything is wrong, and you can sleep easy. Follow these links to learn how to jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android phone.




The best spy app in the world.

Simple installation and operation

No trace on target device

Control activities from anywhere in the world

Read WhatsApp and iMessage conversations (even if they have been deleted).

✅ You can try the FREE demo version to see how it works.

Full multilingual assistance – mAssistance

Tracks mobile phone activity only – does not work for computers.

❌ Not free (costs a few dollars a month, but can be cancelled at any time at no additional cost).

Frankie agrees:

I consider mSpy a complete option for those looking for a robust solution. It has many functions. If you want to know how to install it, I have a free guide that describes how to install mSpy in less than three minutes. If you are not familiar with some of the steps, mAssistance is a service that will guide you through the installation to avoid potential problems.

2. Flexispy

What you need to know in advance:

  • Works for iPhone/Android
  • We found it a little difficult
  • Requires jailbreaking the iPhone or rooting the Android device.
  • Physical access to the device is required to install the software.

Flexispy is one of the best programs on the market and is similar to mSpy in many ways. There are over 150 different functions, from eavesdropping/recording phone calls to location tracking. Here are some of his best features:

  • Spying on social media accounts
  • Real-time GPS positioning
  • Listening to the environment via microphone
  • See the history of the internet
  • Emails
  • Interception of calls/messages
  • Tracking installed applications
  • Read conversations from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and other apps.

There is no other software that can do everything Flexispy can do, including providing the passwords entered on the target device.

But there has to be a catch, right?

The only major drawback I see to this program is that it can be a bit more complicated and confusing than other options. You don’t have to be a programmer or a computer technician, but you should be able to use it without too much effort.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Start by jailbreaking or rooting your device.
  2. Buy one of the Flexispy licenses and packages
  3. Install the software on the target device (physical access required)
  4. View the dashboard for incoming information and data

Most of these features will mimic those of mSpy, but you will also have unique features such as recording conversations, listening to conversations in real time, connecting to your environment or viewing your phone’s data without having to connect to a specific website.

There are some great features here, but this program will not work on an iPhone unless it is jailbroken, or on Android unless the system is rooted. If you don’t know how to do this or what it means, mSpy might be the best option for you.


Multifunctional spy software

Free 24/7 multilingual technical support

User-friendly interface

Free demo to test the features

Invisible on target device

You need to jailbreak/download the device.

❌ Cost more than mSpy

❌ To install it, you must have physical access to your child’s phone.

Frankie agrees:

It’s an all-in-one solution for keeping an eye on your child’s phone. However, some technical knowledge is required for this. If you have basic knowledge of the device, you can easily install the software.

3. Family time

What you need to know in advance:

  • Works on iPhone/Android
  • Relatively easy to use
  • No jailbreak required for iPhone or root for Android
  • The application is displayed on the target device

Family Time is an application that gives you access to almost all of your child’s phone records.

Even though it may not seem easy at first, as the interface is not the simplest, this application is not difficult to use. The downside is that it remains visible on the phone, but cannot be removed. The only way to undo the installation is to enter a code that only the parent system has.

This application is different from the other applications you already know. Family Time is a real parental control application.

Let me explain the differences.

This application is not intended to access conversations taking place on social networks, but you can block or restrict the use of certain applications.

I’ll give you an example. If you’re worried that your child is spending too much time with Candy Crush on their phone, you can set an app usage limit. After a certain period in a day, they cannot access it until that period is restored.

As is often the case with spy applications, you can locate your child’s phone in real time.

This service is available on iPhone and Android devices. You don’t have to go through the extra steps associated with jailbreaking or rooting your device to install it. It’s easy to use. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Buy the software from the official website.
  2. Install the application on the target device
  3. Manage all devices via the FamilyTime Dashboard application or available web portal.

I found some interesting features, such as. For example, by imposing tasks (homework, bedtime, or just limiting the use of devices).

In addition to these services, some of which are exclusive to this application, you also have the option of services such as geo-fencing, which alerts your phone when a targeted device leaves a certain area. You can also block certain applications, websites and videos that you think are inappropriate. The service monitors calls, contacts and SMS traffic.


Very easy to use

Low cost (the premium costs only $27 per year)

One subscription is valid for multiple devices

You can’t read the news or follow social media.

❌ The application is visible on the device.

❌ No Demo to Try

Frankie agrees:

While this is a powerful and effective application, it is best to use it when your children are young (they are probably using their first phone). At this age, they are less likely to use apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Unlike mSpy or Flexispy, Family Time cannot control the content of these social media applications.

4. Mobisip

What you need to know in advance:

  • Works for iPhone/Android
  • No jailbreak (iPhone) or rooting (Android) is required.
  • Easy to use and install
  • The application is displayed on the target device

This application is very similar to Family Time. You can immediately lock your device or block access to certain applications, such as social networks or streaming sites. This allows your child to concentrate on their work without distraction.

Like Family Time, it doesn’t have access to WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram conversations.

I would say that one of the advantages of choosing this application is its clean and easy to navigate interface. The creators have centralized all relevant data in one easily accessible location, making it easy to track activity and set daily or weekly time limits for devices.

One of the most important features is the ability to keep track of your browsing history over a one-month period. The customizable content lock lets you block access to specific applications or websites you deem inappropriate.

Mobicip takes privacy seriously. So you don’t have to worry about anyone getting access to your child’s activity data.

You can only access this service with the premium version, but any package you choose comes with a free 7-day trial to see how it works.

The installation of this application is quick and easy:

  1. Purchase the software and install the application on the target device
  2. Configure the settings according to your needs
  3. Track your activity from your personal dashboard, wherever you are in the world.


✅ Works on smartphones, computers and tablets.

Affordable price ($4 per month for 5 devices)

Remote control of the target smartphone

❌ A visible icon on your child’s phone

Allows you to set only temporary schedules (no restrictions).

Frankie agrees:

I recommend this app to anyone who watches young children.

5. Custodio

What you need to know in advance:

  • Works for iPhone, Android and Kindles
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • No jailbreak (iPhone) or root (Android) required
  • The application appears on the child’s phone.

It is a very popular parental control application that is accessible to everyone. It is ideal for those who have no experience.

Unlike the other parental control apps I’ve covered so far, this app offers options that allow parents to learn as much as possible about online activities to protect their children from predators and the dangers of the online world.

I find many of these features very useful, especially the ability to record incoming and outgoing calls if you use Android devices, although I think this feature will soon be available for the iPhone as well. You can also find out which phone numbers are used the most. You can create your blacklist and add the numbers of people you don’t want your child to hang out with.

Because dangers are not limited to the online world, Qustodio also allows you to track your child’s location in real time via GPS. You can track their movements and know if they are where they promised to be or not.

To launch the application, you must first install it on your child’s device. Once installed, it’s simple. It is almost completely automated and the installation and registration process takes less than five minutes.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create your account at Qustodio
  2. Install the application on the target device
  3. Set boundaries to protect your child from the dangers of the Internet.

The application will be visible on the target device, but cannot be removed.

Unlike the other applications in this guide, there is a free version of this program. I should warn you that the features available for this limited version are not that great. If you want access to all the features and functions, you must purchase the premium version. It’s reasonably priced at about $45 per year, and you can connect up to five devices with this plan.


Versatile properties

Excellent call and text monitoring (Android)

✅ You can control Macs, PCs, Chromebooks, and Amazon Fire tablets.

Real-time GPS tracking

❌ No access to social media conversations

❌ The application is visible on the target phone.

❌ Outdated Web Portal Access

Frankie agrees:

Like all applications in the list of parental control options, this one is ideal if your child is under 13. From this age, I recommend buying a more structured and varied version of Flexispy or mSpy.


There are two main types of apps for keeping an eye on your child’s phone: apps that allow you to read messages and track their social media presence, and apps that allow you to easily set limits on their use of the device.

With the best you can arrange many things, that’s why I recommend them the most. These include:

For parental control applications designed to restrict the use of certain applications or reduce potential threats from the Internet, there are some of these options:

  • Family time
  • Mobicip
  • Qustodio

Choosing the best app to monitor your child’s phone

By reading this guide and browsing many other sites, you have gained a lot of information. You may not know which application to choose.

In this part of the guide, we will give you some tips on how to choose the best application for you and your needs.

First of all, you should take into account the age of your child. If they are under 11, parental control applications are often the best solution. If your child is older or communicates with friends who have social media profiles, it’s best to use spy apps like mSpy.

You can also choose one of the apps that allow you to track your child’s location in real time. This is a very interesting and useful feature for many reasons.

Another point to consider when choosing the right application is the price. Surveillance apps with hidden functionality (i.e. that don’t leave a trace on your child’s phone) aren’t cheap. They cost more than the parental control applications that are on the home screens. Despite this, the most expensive surveillance app on the market is currently less than $45 per month. When you consider that your child’s safety is priceless, the purchase is well worth it.

Another point is support. If you are not familiar with this type of application, reputable support services can help you install and use the software. In addition to the free 24/7 service, mSpy, for example, offers a mAssistance service to help you easily install this software on your target device.

Are there free monitoring applications?

Let me be direct. You won’t find any free apps to keep an eye on your child’s phone. Remember that no one is going to spend their money and time creating a program that has no potential profit.

There are free options to set app restrictions on your child’s phone. Additionally, Apple and Google offer parental control options on their devices by default. To find out more, I’ve written a guide to help you.

Why would you monitor your child’s phone?

With the proliferation of the internet and social media, busy parents are faced with the need for constant monitoring. Children prefer to discuss their problems on different forums rather than sharing them with their parents.

There are risks associated with the use of the Internet by children. While there are many positives, there are also real dangers or lingering concerns.

By keeping an eye on what your child does and says online, you can protect them from harm. Some of them are:

Pedophilia: This is sexual abuse of a minor. Usually the thief is a member of the family or circle of friends, so it can be difficult to obtain evidence of suspicion. Honestly, it could be the person your child interacts with every day. Research shows that the Internet is a major source of access and funding for this monstrous behavior.

Bullying: More than ever, children face bullying. Your child may not want to tell you that he or she has been humiliated in these situations. If they are unable to escape a destructive situation, which is the case for many children, they may choose options such as suicide to remedy the situation. With the proliferation of online social media forums, cyberbullying is becoming increasingly dangerous.

If you are able to exercise control over what happens to your child, you can prevent these negative things from taking over his life and mind.

Older friends: Children often fail to see the complexity of what they think is true love. With age comes experimentation, and nothing can upset parents more than their daughter dating someone older than them. One of the biggest potential risks in this situation is that they want something from your child that they are not yet ready or ripe for. One of the security methods is to track messages sent and received before they get out of hand.

Kidnapping: You can teach your child to be wary of strangers, but that may not be enough to keep them safe. Those who can kidnap in modern times use creative and new methods to lure naive children. That’s a lot different than the cliché of the candy on the bus in front of the school. This is a great way to track your child’s location.

Drugs/Alcohol/Dependency : Drugs are more prevalent than ever among today’s youth and can cause irreparable problems if the situation gets out of hand. Many deaths among people between the ages of 14 and 24 are drug or alcohol related. In addition, the use or misuse of these substances can lead to other situations, such as. B. a violent crime or a victim of sexual abuse.

Your child will likely discuss his or her problems with a trusted friend before telling you, so make sure you know what’s going on to keep them safe.


I hope the information I have provided in this guide has been helpful. I’m always happy to help. Before I begin, I’ll briefly summarize what we’ve covered in this guide so you don’t miss any important information that will help you protect your child from potential pitfalls and dangers.

There are many apps that can protect your child by monitoring their actions on the device. If you can truly reassure yourself that your child is safe. In this guide, we’ll show you the five best apps you can find.

The first one we talked about was mSpy, which I think is the best. This service allows you to track everything your child does on their mobile phone. You can find out what messages they send and receive on social networks and messaging apps, as well as track call logs, visit history, location, etc. Given all these features, and the ease of installation, the recurring fee of less than $50 per month is reasonable.

Second, we talked about Flexispy (a serious competitor to mSpy). This is another full-featured application that offers features such as call recording. These app and software can be a bit more difficult to use and require a jailbroken (iPhone) or rooted (Android) device to install. The feature set is slightly above average, so that should be taken into account.

This was followed by a discussion of Family Time. This app allows you to lock certain features on your child’s phone and set timers and limits so you won’t be distracted at critical times.

Next up was Mobichip. This app is very similar to Family Time: you can set timers on your device or prohibit access to certain websites/apps during the day.

Finally, Qustodio was discussed. It is one of the most widely used parental control applications because one of its many features is call recording.

If you only want to spy on one or two apps on your child’s device, I have guides on spying on Facebook (and Messenger), eavesdropping on conversations on a WhatsApp account, or spying on an Instagram profile.

As you know, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are social apps that are now widely used by kids and require more control than other options.

I have spent many days and hours testing applications and spyware to make this guide as relevant and useful as possible. I encourage you to visit the many blogs on regularly to see if there are any new updates or content.

That’s all I have for you right now. If you have any questions or comments about what you have learned, feel free to leave a comment on this article and I will respond as soon as possible.

I’m kissing you,

PS: if your child has an iPhone, you can check out my guide on how to set up parental controls on this device to protect him. I have helped many families by simply reading and following this guide.Les rumeurs vont bon train : Paul Pogba et Alexis Sanchez vont quitter Old Trafford cet été. Les rumeurs vont bon train également sur qui les remplacera. Est-ce que ce sera Alexis Sanchez ? Est-ce que ce sera Michael Carrick ? Est-ce que ce sera Fred ? S’agira-t-il du nouveau chéquier de Manchester United ?. Read more about best free parental control app for android and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What apps can parents use to monitor child’s phone?

Parents can use a variety of apps to monitor their child’s phone usage. Some of these apps include: – Net Nanny – FamilyTime – Mobicip – iKeyMonitor – Child Tracker What are the risks of using apps to monitor child’s phone? There are some risks involved with using apps to monitor a child’s phone. Some of these risks include: – The app may not be able to detect all phone usage – The app may not be able to detect all phone usage that is harmful – The app may not be able to detect all phone usage that is illegal – The app may not be able to detect all phone usage that is inappropriate – The app may not be able to detect all phone usage that is dangerous – The app may not be able to detect all phone usage that is illegal – The app may not be able to detect all phone usage that is dangerous – The app may not be able to detect all phone usage

How can I monitor my childs phone?

You can monitor your childs phone by installing the free app “PhoneSheriff” on your child’s phone.

Is there an app to monitor your child’s phone?

There are many apps that can help you monitor your child’s phone.

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