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Best timesheet apps for Android and iOS (2021)

There is a simple reason why we use time tracking apps: to save time. But what if there is a way to save time AND make more money? Wouldn’t it be great to know what your coworkers and customers want, right from your Android and iOS devices? If you want to know what your customers or your coworkers want, you do not need to hire a specialist or a sales team. Instead, you can just use one of the most popular and robust time tracking apps – Wrike.

Time tracking is an important work management tool that allows you to track your time more efficiently. There are some online time tracking tools that are available for free and some that require a subscription for using. For those who are new to time tracking, this can be a somewhat confusing process. However, having a free time tracking app for Android or iOS can be a great help at keeping track of how long you spend on various tasks.

There are numerous timesheet apps available for both Android and iOS. If you are looking for the best timesheet apps for Android and iOS (2021), you will find information in this article. Here you will find some of the best timesheet apps for Android and iOS (2021). You can choose the app that seems most suitable for you.

In many companies, managers or team leaders record their employees’ attendance using time cards. Timesharing is not only used in businesses. Freelancers use them to keep track of their working hours or schedules. Students use them to keep track of how long they have been studying. If you can create timesheets with Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc and similar spreadsheets, why waste your time when there are dedicated time tracking tools for PC, Android and iOS.

The best time tracking apps for iOS and Android

Toggl Lane

word-image-917 Toggl Track is a high-end time tracking application. It has 500,000 users and is rated at 4.5. It has one of the best user interfaces of any other application I’ve covered here. To track time with Toggl, you need to create a project. The project belongs to the workspace. In Toggle Track, you can add multiple projects to one workspace. Toggl Track supports integration with calendar applications. Moreover, users can see the data/statistics in a single view. The Statistics/Reports view displays the number of hours/minutes you spent on paid/unpaid projects, the total number of hours you spent on the project, etc. If you have defined/configured prices, Toggl Track automatically calculates your earnings and displays them in the Report section. Toggl Track is a good app, but the small size of the stop button means you may forget to stop the timer. The solution to this problem is Toggl’s integrated track. This application allows you to specify the end time of a task when you create it.

Temporary table

word-image-918 Like Toggl Track, Timesheet is a cross-platform online/offline time tracking application. To begin working with this application, you must create a new project by entering the following information:

  • Name, employer/client, description, location.
  • Salary, duties, etc.

A project in a Timesheet application can contain multiple tasks. Once your project is ready, Timesheet displays a large bright green Start button. Press the Start button immediately before starting work. When you are pausing or about to leave the office, press the stop key. When you click Stop, Timesheet asks you to enter some details about the task being performed before you click Stop. You can add labels to tasks, export projects to an XLS document, work offline, and synchronize data when you are online with the Timesheet application. Timesheet supports dark themes, foreign languages and many other customization options. There is also a statistics section where you can find 2/3 graphs.


word-image-919 aTimeLogger is an application that allows you to track the time you spent on common activities, such as the time you slept, ate, studied, went for a walk, read a book, went to work, etc. The main interface of the application displays a list of actions. As soon as you touch an activity, aTimeLogger starts its timer and displays a button to stop the timer. After clicking the Stop button, aTimeLogger saves the job. In the History you can see all tasks and their start and end time. The application allows you to create and edit goals, and it has a reporting section where you can view the tracked data in beautiful reports.

Time recording

word-image-920 Time tracking is an easy to use time tracking application. Unlike the first two apps that ask you to join a project, the Time Tracker app asks you to click on the Subscribe Now or Add Now buttons to begin the task. When the task is complete, click Go to checkout now or Add checkout. Instead of displaying tasks in a separate interface, Time Tracking displays your tasks below the buttons. Time registration contains editable templates. A submission is nothing but a duty. If you z. B. Click on the Templates option, the application displays the following tasks:

  • Entrance 9:00 am, exit 5:30 pm.
  • Take a break for the next 15 minutes, etc.

The application can generate various reports. It allows the user to filter the data in the report and provides the option to save the report as an HTML, Excel or PDF file. In the time attendance, you can change the font size of the interface. Allows the user to change the position of the toolbar and taskbar on the main interface.


word-image-921 Harvest is an excellent alternative to the timesheet applications described above. Once you have created a project by entering a project name, selecting a project category/date, and specifying a time period, Harvest displays a notification with the time you are working on the project, the project name, category, and the option to pause the timer. Harvest comes with a utility to record expenses and supports billing. It allows you to view reports on tasks, projects and time. No active internet connection is required for harvesting. However, if you want to access reports/timesheets on other devices, you must enable mobile data/WiFi connectivity and manually synchronize offline harvest records. Conclusion: So here are the top 5 timesheet apps for Android, iPhone and iPad devices. The applications have exportable reports, a built-in timer and a good user interface. Applications keep all the tasks and projects you create as long as you use them. They are small compared to Excel and other spreadsheets.Human beings have worked since time immemorial to track their time, and that is why different technologies have been developed to help them organize it. While it is more convenient to have your time tracked using an app, there are times when it might be easier to just write in a timesheet on a piece of paper. So, which is the best timesheet application for your needs? If you are a business owner, you should definitely check out the time and attendance softwares available for Android and iOS.. Read more about best timesheet app for small business and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best timesheet app?

Everyone who works has their own kind of job. Some do a few hours here and there, while others have a full-time job. The most important factor to keep in mind is that you can never overdo your work. So, how do you know when you’ve done enough? When you have spent all day on your computer, checking your email and answering Facebook messages, but you still feel like you have a lot more to do. It is at this point that you know you have overworked yourself, and you need to take a break. You have multiple tools to track your time in the office. If you use an employee scheduling app, you can see it in your smartphone and enter it on your timesheet. There’s no need to carry your hard-copy timesheets around. The problem is that there are many different scheduling tools available, and choosing the right one can be time-consuming.

What is the best timesheet app for iPhone?

Time tracking apps are a very popular feature which is used by almost all the employees to keep track. An employee can use these apps to track their productivity accurately and easily. In this blog, we will discuss which time tracking apps are best for you. If you’re an employee and need to keep track of your hours, work on a timesheet app. If you’re a freelancer or a business owner, or simply a manager, the timesheet app is your best friend. You can track and keep track of the projects you work on, the hours you spent, the invoices you send out, the payments you receive, and all your clients. Some apps are free, some are free with in-app purchases. So which one should you choose?

What is the best free time tracking software?

With the advent of time tracking software like Time Doctor, you can finally track your time to identify where you can improve. To make things easier, we’ve listed the best time tracking apps for Android and iOS that you can install on your smartphone. Most of us have spent time tracking time using non-digital means. Whether it’s a high school assignment, a shift at work, or a project at home, we’ve all had to use a spreadsheet, white paper, or calendar. What we didn’t know is there was another option – and that option is free.

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