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Destiny 2 Classes Explained: Subclasses, Abilities, Supers Guide (2021)

Destiny 2 Classes Explained: Subclasses, Abilities, Supers Guide (2021). This will try to go over all the classes in the game and their abilities, their subclass abilities, supers, and supers abilities (i.e. supers you can get by completing certain milestones).

Classes are the backbone of Destiny 2. They are a group of player-created characters (subclasses) and a mix of weapons, armor and legendary abilities that you can equip. Destiny 2 Classes Explained: Subclasses, Abilities, Supers Guide (2021)

In the original Destiny, each character’s subclass (Hunter, Warlock, Titan) played a significant role in the way the game was played. For example, if you chose to play a Hunter, your signature weapon (Hunter Rifle) was the most powerful weapon in the game, and you were one of the few characters who could use it. In Destiny 2, however, a character’s subclass is largely irrelevant, since the defining feature of the game is a separate mode called “Super”, which allows Guardians to supercharge their abilities with a limited number of charges.

A lot has changed since the launch of Destiny 2. The armor has been completely redesigned in Armor 2.0. Weapon and armor modules have been improved, with the capabilities of the latter gradually expanded. Armor synthesis was recently introduced, allowing you to create versatile ornaments.

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Despite all these changes in Destiny 2 , there is one key element that has remained relatively intact: classes. For new players, it is important to understand the classes and all the underlying systems and options. Even experienced players can use a refresher of the basics, especially if you’re planning on starting a new guard. With that in mind, the Destiny 2 classes are explained here.

Destiny 2 Classes Explained – The Basics

Image: Bungie

While Destiny 2’s class system is relatively simple, there are many interconnected systems that you’ll unravel as you go along. Everything from armor modifications, weapons, and even exotic armor is tied to your class and the subclass you choose. Before we look at what makes each class unique, a few definitions.

What is a class in Destiny 2?

Classes in Destiny 2 are the basic archetypes of characters that you choose at the beginning of the game. Like the cruel Titan, the elusive hunter and the mystical wizard. While the general gameplay and weapon upgrade process is relatively similar for each class, there are enough nuances and choices to make each option unique and useful in a different way. This starts with the subclass options.

What is a subclass in Destiny 2?

Subclasses serve as specific options for how you want to play a particular class. There are currently three different light-based subclasses, Solar, Void and Arc, and a darkness-based subclass known as Stasis. The light subclasses are more traditional and are taken from the original Destiny, but with the addition of three unique skill trees that further customize each one.

Stasis is a completely different example, where the skill tree system has been replaced by insertions called aspects and fragments. The options continue to evolve with each new season, meaning the different play styles of each class become more complex.

What are the skills in Destiny 2?

Image: Bungie via HGG

What makes each subclass truly functional, aside from elemental fire, are the capabilities they offer. Each subclass offers different passive skills, grenade options, melee skills and super powers. You can choose which ones you want to work with, and you can even link certain armor modules and exotic armor buffs to certain skills.

What are the superheroes in Destiny 2?

Superpowers are slightly more unique than other skills, as they are customized based on the skill tree you choose. This may change some elements of your dinners, such as. B. throw Void Shield against a base, or turn it into something else entirely. Superpowers can drastically change the course of a raid or an exciting PvP game, so most Guardians focus on building builds tailored to these actions.

Selection of a protection class

Next stop in our Destiny 2 class explanation guide? It’s time to decide which Guardian class is best for you. Remember, you can use all three options, so you don’t have to search for the right one right away. But if you don’t have much time and only want to practice one lesson, here’s what each lesson looks like.

ClassDestiny 2 – Titan

Image: Bungie via HGG

Titans are the lightning bolts and tanks of the Destiny universe. They are much more forgiving due to their higher resistance and regeneration. At the same time, skill execution is often a bit slower in exchange for more power – you’re a bit slower and your superpowers are either purely offensive or purely defensive.

The Titan class is ideal for those who like a more aggressive game and like to get close. It’s also a great option for single players, as the higher defensive skills make it easier to survive tougher encounters.


As a Titan, you can build barricades with your class skill. They absorb a fair amount of damage and gradually turn red, then decompose when exhausted.

The barricade tower creates an energy field one and a half times the size of your guard. It is a hard cover, which means it works well as a protective layer when it holds the ground. The assembly barricade, on the other hand, is designed to keep the fight going. This hip-high barrier provides the cover needed for shelter and increases reload speed.

Titanium skips

Each subclass of Titan uses the same three jump options. That’s what you should choose.

  • Elevator: Your second jump into the air activates a higher jump that sends you directly into the air, with the ability to maneuver and fall slowly.
  • Straflift: For those who want more agility, this jump throws you into the air in both directions.
  • Catapult lift: If you have to pass sections with riders, this jump is very useful. It works the same way as the High Lift option, but with a much stronger initial boost.

Subclasses of titanium

The Titan subclass you choose determines how you play. You can intervene at close range, perform AOE attacks, or support the rest of your teammates. The codex (skill tree) you choose will depend more on the specialization of that subclass or help you balance your game.

clock subclass

An adaptation of the Defender subclass from the original Destinygame, this subclass with vacuum infusion is a better defensive option. With upgraded shields and the ability to spawn Dawn Keepers, an experienced Guardian can play a crucial role in keeping your team alive in difficult situations. You can also lean against an attack with the Guard Shield ability, or position yourself somewhere in the middle and form a running shield with the Banner Shield ability.


This subclass of bow is designed to get closer to the enemy. Each variation transforms your Titan into a true juggernaut, propelling you forward quickly, launching you into the air like a rocket, or giving you a powerful fist attack. This is a great option for ADS sweeps and offers a solid balance of protection, damage and speed to keep you safe.

Sunbreaker subclass

If you need a longer set of skills, the Sun Destroyer subclass is a better option. With his splash damage, incineration abilities and distance attacks, he turns the normally armored Titan into a devastating cannon. You can go for a one-off approach or a series of deeper attacks to inflict as much fire damage as possible.

Behemoth subclass

The first subclass of Darkness makes your Titan much more mobile and allows you to create a more specific area of effect when dealing damage. Laying down massive ice pillars that can then be broken with a prolonged slide provides a double damage effect on enemies. This is by far the most versatile subclass available, but you must complete the Beyond Light campaign to unlock it.

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Destiny 2 class – Fighter

Image: Bungie via HGG

Hunters are the most popular class in Destiny 2. They exude style and fit the cowboy aesthetic. Maybe it helps that Nathan Fillion has been the face of this class for so long (RIP Cayde-6).

So it makes sense that the hunter has to be evasive, set traps, and balance stealth with firefighting. If you like to stay mobile and play sniper in FPS games, Hunter should be your choice. It is a little less traditional, but offers an exciting experience.


As a hunter, your main skill is evasion. This explosive maneuver is designed to knock you out instantly, and can even be enhanced with special mods and armor. Depending on what you choose, you will also get additional benefits from the game.

Dodge is a short-range move that allows you to reload the weapon you have. It is ideal for use with high reload weapons such as shotguns and rocket launchers. Player’s Dodge on the other hand is a much sharper burst that disrupts your opponent’s aiming and reloads your melee. It is ideal for the more adventurous hunter who likes to get close.

Hunter jumps

Each fighter subclass uses the same three jump options. That’s what you should choose.

  • High Jump: Your second jump into the air triggers a rapid upward jump.
  • Three-way: Perform two or three small jumps with increased agility.
  • Tree jump: Perform a second explosive jump in a random direction, similar to Dodge Player.

Hunting subclasses

Why not make a subclass for hunters as part of this explanation of the Destiny 2 classes? Each fighter subclass makes you more evasive or helps you take out enemies from a distance. You can maneuver quickly across the battlefield and trap enemies, or shoot at them with quick, deadly accuracy. Each option is different but similar, making each course consistent and customizable.

Night Stalker Subclass

Nightstalker is a subclass of Void built around stealth and ambushing enemies, and truly embodies the hunter epithet. Whether you use Shadow Shot to bind enemies or the Spectral Blades phase to get close, it truly makes every enemy your prey. Smoke bombs even allow you to extend your invisibility to the rest of your team, making him an ideal support option in difficult situations.

Arcstrider subclass

The curved skills of this subclass make your attacks look like a complex dance. Holding the bow staff in your hand, you can move quickly through the arena, destroying enemies or deflecting projectiles towards the user using it. This is a more aggressive subclass, with melee skills and grenades that disorient and deal extra damage.

Gunslinger subclass

If you really want to live out your space cowboy fantasy, Gunslinger is your best bet. Knives, time grenades and a gun with three or six shots won’t help you get any closer. Think of it as a subclass where, even if you’re surrounded and the situation looks pathetic, a quick melee hit, grenade throw or superkick can easily take out a few enemies and leave you alive.

Income subclass

Stasis seems to be made for hunters. With each aspect and fragment, you can refine your playstyle to use your evasion to slow down enemies, cause extra freezes, or even make enemies explode in a dive. Instead of a superstrike based on shooting or melee, you get a superstrike that unleashes a powerful ice storm, allowing you to do what you do best when you’re inside.

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Destiny 2 Class – Warlock

Image: Bungie via HGG

The Warlock is the most balanced class in this Destiny 2 Class Explanation Guide, and also includes the Space Mage monad in its entirety. As a mage, the various elements are your greatest strength, and you can use them more effectively than other classes.

They are the creators of combos and they are the glue between the titans and the warriors. By stacking skills, improving moves to shorten wait times, and creating opportunities for other players, they are an often overlooked but invaluable class.

Wizard Class Skill

As a wizard, you can use your class skill to improve recovery or inflict damage. Healing Rift gives moderate recovery over time and the ability to make a shield if you are in it with full health. The reinforcement gap increases weapon damage for you and all other members of your team when they are in it. Both types of Rift can also nullify enemy abilities, to varying degrees of effectiveness.


Each wizard subclass uses the same three jump options. That’s what you should choose.

  • Slip controlled: Your second jump activates a slow drift in the air with little directional control.
  • Burst Glide : Your second jump triggers an explosive air-drive.
  • Symmetrical slip: Your second jump activates an aerial drift with moderate speed and control.

Witchcraft sub-classes

The Battle Mage subclasses are built around your ability to ascend to the heavens and use various elemental skills. You attack and defend at the same time, making you a much more balanced option than other classes. Your choice here depends on whether you like to attack everyone at once, or whether you prefer to trap your opponents to destroy them.

Empty transformer subclass

Damage, kill and restore. This is the general cycle of the voidwalker game, where you really feel like a space wizard. Your puny energy sucks the light out of everything and brings it back to you with Nova Bomb, or allows you to become a teleported bomb with Nova Warp. Everything else, from handguns to grenades, gives you some sort of ability to charge up your skills or health, which means you can use skills, accumulate kills, and keep fighting without missing a beat.

Stormtrooper subclass

This is probably the closest thing to playing as Raiden from Mortal Kombat in an FPS game. With this arc subclass, you are filled with electricity and can move through the arena, chasing down enemies and electrocuting them. You can chain enemies with lightning bolts, unleash a massive energy beam and even adjust your brakes. By doing this, you gain a useful regeneration of health and skills after successfully killing.

Leaf sub-class

Dawnblade has the widest range of all the subclasses. Take to the air and unleash a wave of fire with your flaming sword, or pierce the ground to release a powerful aura that heals and strengthens your allies. All other skills are designed to continuously inflict damage and burn enemies in their path.

Shade subclass

This subclass of Darkness falls somewhere between the automatic pursuit of Voidwalker and the harrowing nature of Storm Call. Use the Frost Crystal Staff to send icy projectiles at enemies. This is followed by an explosion that blows up all the frozen people in the area. Aspects and fragments here are entirely focused on regenerating abilities, so in this case the health support of other subclasses is eliminated in favor of pure damage.

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Choosing the right class can be a difficult decision, but we hope this Destiny 2 Class Explanation Guide will help you find the right class for your play style. Don’t forget to support the rest of your fire team members by sharing this article on your favorite social channels. And to know more about Destiny 2, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

Enjoy the game!The Destiny 2 beta is live and we’re getting close to the release of the game’s final version. As Bungie update their servers, players are working to figure out how to build the perfect Guardian, and we’ve got you covered with this Destiny 2 class guide. From the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock, to the new Subclasses, Supers, and Abilities, we’ve got you covered on how to pick the right Guardian for your play style.. Read more about destiny 2 best class 2020 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best class in Destiny 2 2021?

Destiny 2 2021 is an online multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. The game is the sequel to Destiny and was released worldwide on September 6, 2017. Best class in Destiny 2 2021 is Titan.

How do you unlock subclasses in Destiny 2 2021?

In Destiny 2, the player unlocks subclasses by completing the first three levels of the subclass tree.

What counts as a class ability Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 class abilities are abilities that are unique to each class. They are not shared by other classes. For example, the Titan’s “Super” ability is a class ability.

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