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How to complete Ambivalence challenge in Hitman 3

In Hitman 3, the Ambivalence challenge is one of 47 challenges in the game. It is considered one of the most challenging challenges in the game. This challenge requires you to place a bomb in a suitcase that is located in a cafe. You have to make sure you get your target to open the suitcase.

Hitman is the latest in the series of action and adventure games, developed by IO interactive and published by the Square Enix. It is a single player video game, wherein, the player takes the role of Agent 47, a genetically enhanced and highly trained assassin, and is hired to eliminate five targets in a series of exotic locations.

The Ambivalence task in Hitman 3 was added to the game along with Season of Pride. To complete them, you must perform a specific set of actions in the escalation Profusion of Pride. In this guide, you will find a detailed description of how to complete this challenge, as well as the route to take for each task.


This challenge is inextricably linked to the third level of the Pride of Profusion. Load the level and jump straight into the game. Since there is no way to change the equipment set in the level, you have to use what the game gives you. Unfortunately for you, that means disappointing Peacock.

Step 1: Journey to the Peacock


From the starting point, go down the stairs and take the crowbar below. Now use it to open the door under the other camera. Make sure you avoid the camera’s gaze while doing this. Go down the stairs and turn right. You must enter the main atrium of the CIA underground building. After entering the main atrium, go through the door on the left marked server room. Scan the window at the right side of the door to close it. This will become clear in the near future.


Here you can see a vent slot that can be opened with the camera. Go through it, scan the window on your right to close it, and go through the first door on your left to go outside. The peacock is in this hallway.


Step 2: Take a swordfish

Before you do anything here, turn on the copier next to the door you just came through. Now you can go to Peacock’s and take the sword from the swordsman. When you have done this, targets will appear in the next room. Fortunately, one of them will pull a copier over to you. As soon as they come in and take it away, kill them. Hide the body in a locker down this corridor.


Now you can turn the Xerox back on and draw another target. This will attract a second guard, and you can repeat the process to kill him and hide his body.


Go to the main room. There are still two targets available. The one on your left sits, so you control it with your bare hands. Once he’s on the ground, throw your sword at his head to kill him. This attracts the attention of the window dresser, who goes there to look.


Move away from the body and let the target come to him. You can run after him and kill him when he does. It doesn’t matter if he sees the body. If you kill him, you keep the title of Silent Killer.


Step 3: Output

All you have to do now is leave. The last two bodies can stay where they are and no one will discover them. Go back the way you came in the room, but put the sword in the server room, as it is an illegal item. You can leave the mission through the same door you opened at the beginning of the mission. Just look at the look on the camera. If you pass the guards on the right, you will be on the road before they have time to register the violation. To complete the mission, use any exit and you will get the Ambivalence mission free.

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