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Ptron Dynamo Pro 10000mah Power Bank Review, Made In India, 18W + QC 3.0/PD.

A blog post that gives an in-depth review of the Ptron Dynamo Pro 10000mah Power Bank Review, Made In India, 18W + QC 3.0/PD.

An extremely powerful, high-capacity power bank, the Ptron Dynamo Pro 10000mah Power Bank is a wonderful addition to your electronic devices. In fact, it’s the perfect power bank for anyone who needs to charge up their gaming devices, smartphones, tablets, or digital gadgets.

Indian smartphone accessory brand Ptron has launched its latest sleek and compact 10000mAh powerbank, the Ptron Dynamo Pro, in India. Unlike most powerbanks on the market, this powerbank is light and compact to fit in your pocket, and features a USB Type-C 18W QC 3.0 PD port with support for two-way fast charging. The strong point of this powerbank is that it is 100% made in India.

Contents of the box

  • Power Bank Ptron Dynamo Pro 10000mah
  • Tiny USB Type-C cable
  • User Manual


Design and construction

The powerbank has a small rectangular design with rounded corners and a plastic casing. The quality of the plastic is really good and justifies the price, but at the same time it scratches easily, so it is advisable to keep the power bank away from sharp objects. word-image-8728 The strong point of this Ptron powerbank is that it is very thin and compact and also very light (only 225g). You can easily carry this powerbank in your pocket. Overall, the design and construction of this powerbank is solid and I don’t think there’s anything to fault here. word-image-8729 On the right side is the battery indicator button and on the top are all the connections. There is a USB Type-C PD 18W input (5A-3A / 9V-2A) and a USB Type-C PD 18W output (5A-3A / 9V-2A /12V/1.5A). There is also the usual USB type A output connector (5A-3A / 9V-2A /12V/1.5A). In addition, the usual micro USB charging port is also present. word-image-8730


The Ptron Dynamo Pro can even charge iPhone, iPad and even Macbook (with Type-C connector), as it has a USB Type-C PD output. It automatically detects the device to be connected and provides sufficient power. I tested this powerbank with an iPhone, a Samsung M31 and a Oneplus North and found no compatibility issues. As for the loading time: If you charge a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery via the USB Type-C 18W QC 3.0 port, your phone will be fully charged in 1 hour and 25 minutes. A normal 18W USB Type-A port will give the same result (maybe a little less). word-image-8731 As for the charging time of the powerbank, it only takes 3 to 3.5 hours to fully charge it with the +18W adapter. With a normal micro-USB cable, it takes about 4-5 hours to fully charge the device. Power loss during voltage conversion is a common problem in power banks. The company does not disclose the conversion rate. We could charge a phone with a 4000mAh battery almost twice as fast, so the conversion rate should be around 65-68%. You can easily get 6500 – 6800 mAh of full capacity. The result is really good, most of the best selling powerbanks under Rs 1,000 offer the same capacity. word-image-8732 Another interesting feature is that the power bank does not get hot, even after several hours of use. The Ptron Dynamo Pro also has 7 levels of protection so you don’t have to worry about over-discharges, overloads, over-voltages and over-currents.


With a price of Rs 799 and a promotional price of Rs 699 on Amazon India, the Ptron Dynamo Pro 10000mAh power bank is a good choice and a good value for your money. If you need a compact power bank with two-way fast charging and USB-PD support to charge your iPhone and iPad, then you can definitely buy this power bank. For more information, check out the full review of this product on our YouTube channel.

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