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Scavengers Explorer abilities details, tips and tricks

Scavengers is an exciting new mobile game by Tiny Titan Studios that is a unique combination of first person shooter and survival game. The game has just hit the app stores and the reviews so far have been overwhelming positive. So, how does Scavengers work and what are you going to do in this game? As the name implies, you play a scavenger who is trapped on a planet after a space ship crash. Your job is to explore the game’s planet and scavenge for items. This is a dangerous task as you will face many hostile enemies.

Getting Started with Scavengers Explorer Although Scavengers Explorer is a midcore game, it doesn’t look like one. In fact, the graphics may not be as sharp as the latest triple-A titles but it is way better than most other midcore games out there. However, that’s not all there is to this game. If you are a fan of survival games, you will find plenty of things to like about Scavengers Explorer. You are also going to like the fact that this is a free-to-play game. Yes, you heard that right. You don’t have to pay a cent to enjoy all this game has to offer. You can download and play it for free from Play Store and App Store

Scavengers is currently in early access, and the game’s version has some flaws. The first is that the skills of the conductor are not well described in the game, and the players have only a general idea of what they are doing until they experience them in a match. You can find a more detailed description of the skills on the Scavengers website, but there is still much to learn and understand before you can take full advantage of each skill.

Aegis Shield

Valora’s dome shield looks and acts like the equivalent of Gibraltar in Apex Legends. However, it has three additional features that are important to know. First, the shield does block incoming fire, but it doesn’t stop melee attacks, and enemy Jaesus can easily penetrate the shield and your leader. Second, Aegis’ shield has a health level that decreases over time and when hit by projectiles or explosions; when it decreases, the shield shrinks. Finally, the shield protects the players in it from the freezing effect of the storm – use it when you need a break from the ring.

Radiation EMP

The EMP explosion makes Letty the designated Silent Witch among the Scavengers. This ability has very little effect unless perfectly timed to take out a few enemies or push them off a cliff into a bear family. But in two specific situations, it’s just great. For one thing, he easily reckons with the horde of Scourge, who usually need to be within easy reach to attack the Explorers, and who tend to gather in packs. Second, EMP Blast is excellent against vehicles: If someone tries to run you over, a timed explosion cuts the engine and throws the vehicle backwards so your team can fill it with lead. Damage to vehicles also extends to passengers.

Healing aura

In addition to quickly regaining health, Halden’s healing aura also instantly restores his teammates. However, this CPR only works if the target is in the aura at the time of use. Cringing afterwards won’t get you up.

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Jae’s Overshield is an extremely powerful skill, and it’s interesting to see that many players are currently abusing it. That’s right, Overshield can get even stronger. When activated, it not only gives Jae bonus shields, but also restores completely lost shields. This means that you should not use overshield when attacking an enemy unit, but save it for when your shield breaks.

For the record: With the purple shields, Jae can absorb 265 points of damage before losing health. Add to that the fact that the shield is upgraded every time Jae hits an enemy with a melee attack, and you can understand why he’s currently considered the strongest scout in the Scavengers.

Active camouflage

Kali’s active stealth is interesting because it differs from some invisible assassin archetypes we see in other games. If she fires a weapon while invisible, she only becomes visible for a certain amount of time and then automatically falls back into invisibility until the skill’s time limit has expired. She can also use mĂȘlee attacks without breaking invisibility. Thanks to Active Camo’s flexibility, Kali is surprisingly effective with a shotgun or an assault weapon, as she can quickly contain enemies and confront them one by one.

If Kali is killed while active camouflage is activated, she becomes visible for a second and then invisible again. She is also the only scavenger investigator without a light particle effect skill visible to enemies on the other side of the map.

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