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The Best Scimitars in Old School RuneScape (All Ranked) –

As a player levels up, it becomes harder to find new weapons to do more damage since you’ll be competing against higher level monsters. Scimitars are a good option for the best weapons to use while leveling up. Scimitars are a type of sword available at level five. The damage output from these weapons is higher than the bronze sword, which is the next available option for weapons at the level.

Scimitars are one of the many weapons in Old School RuneScape. Scimitars are slashing weapons that are designed to be used with one-handed. They are not only popular with melee users, but are also a fans-favorite for non-melee players. They are moderately fast and have high accuracy. They have a decent stab bonus, but are outclassed by a few 2-handed weapons of the same tier. Since they are slashing, they are the most effective weapons for Nex.

Slim, powerful and… twisted!

Scimitars are one of the best weapons in the entire game, with powerful cutting bonuses and high attack speed.

Any RuneScape player interested in fighting will probably pick up a scimitar at some point. Therefore, it is important to know which of them will win over the competition.

So check out my picks for the best imitation skis in the country!

5. Rune Skimitar

The best scimitar in the F2P slot, the Runic Scimitar, is first on the list.

This weapon has a solid +45 bonus of scratches and is considered by many to be the most powerful weapon in F2P in terms of DPS.

This is one of the oldest weapons in the game, first appearing in the original RuneScape in 2001.

You need a level 40 attack to wield this weapon. But it’s worth it.

How to get it: You can either forge it with a smith skill of 90 and two rune bars, or kill fire giants, who drop this weapon quite often. Killing fire giants is the task of many Ironmen in search of their first runic scimitar.

4. gold-plated scimitar

The Golden Scimitar is another F2P weapon with almost identical characteristics to the Rune Sword.

However, there are two important differences.

First of all, this gold-plated scimitar is made of pure gold.

And second, it costs up to 17 million, making it one of the most expensive items in all of F2P!

Due to its high cost, it is often used in F2P risky desert battles.

And I mean, the 17 million risk is no joke.

How to get it: You can only get it as a member of an elite or workshop box. This is very rare, with a fall rate of about 1:20,000. You can also buy it as a non-member in the big exchange.

3. Brine cable

This is another Scimitar that only requires a level 40 attack and is also a pretty good beater.

This weapon is slightly better than the Rune Scimitar, with a slashing bonus of +47, two more than the Rune Scimitar.

But this weapon is popular with purebloods because it’s the best level 40 attack weapon in the slot – meaning it’s still frequently sold and costs 150k for those players.

It is also one of the only weapons that can kill Lobstrosites in OSRS.

How to get it: Brine’s rats are the only monsters you can get Brine’s sword on, and you have to at least start Olaf’s quest to get access to them.

2. Dragon Scimitar

The Dragon Sword is a very powerful weapon that requires a level 60 attack and a successful Monkey Waan I to wield.

This iconic weapon has a strike bonus of +67, much better than the other skimitars on this list.

Sever is a special D-Scim attack that deprives opponents of the ability to use an overhead defensive prayer for 5 seconds.

While not the most useful special ability, it can be used in niche PvP situations.

It is also one of the best one-handed training weapons in OSRS, especially for strength, and is used by many players – especially Ironmen.

How to get it: You can buy it after Monkey Madness I in Dagi at the monkey atoll in the market for about 100k. Otherwise, you can buy it at the Grand Marché.

1. Saeldor leaf (c)

Saeldor’s blade is the best one-handed weapon in the entire game, along with the Inquisitor’s mace and Gazi’s rapier.

With a huge +94 bonus to cut, this knife can hit very hard. Especially in combination with Avernick’s defender!

Just know that you need a very high attack level (75) to handle this thing.

The normal version of Saeldor’s blade degrades with use and must be constantly refilled with crystal shards, which many players find annoying (and with good reason).

To get around this, you need to upgrade Blade to the corrupted version (hence the c in the name).

You need 1,000 crystal shards, 82 crafts and 82 forges.

How to get it: The drops are only 1/400 for the damaged version of the Gauntlet and 1/2000 when using a regular Gauntlet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best weapon in Old School RuneScape?

Though many of the weapons in Old-School RuneScape are powerful in their own right, there is one weapon that reigns supreme among both free-to-play and paying players. The dragon scimitar is a two-handed weapon that is stronger than the rune scimitar (although the dragon sword is more powerful than both). Additionally, the dragon scimitar has a special attack known as “dragon breath”, which is far more powerful than the standard attack. The dragon scimitar is one of the most sought after weapons in the free to play MMO “Old School RuneScape”, and for good reason. It is the strongest scimitar in the game, and is also one of the rarest and most expensive items to acquire. It can only be created by combining a mithril scimitar with a dragon hilt, which in turn can only be obtained by killing the dragon (Vorkath).

Are scimitars or Longswords better?

Longswords are often mistaken for the medieval European broadsword. However, the longsword was developed in Northern Italy in the 12th Century. It is an evolution of the single-handed spatha. Longswords were commonly used by knights. The longsword was designed to be used with a shield. The longsword could be used for both cutting and thrusting. The longsword is believed to have been the predecessor of the rapier and the smallsword. The advantage of a Longsword is its reach, as it is able to attack from a distance. The advantage of a Scimitar is it’s ability to attack multiple times in one turn. They’re both a great choice for chopping down the next door neighbor’s roses.

What is the best rune weapon in RuneScape?

A lot of people do not seem to understand the true power of a dragon scimitar. It is the best 2-handed weapon in the entire game. It is the best for attack, strength bonus, and accuracy bonus. It does the most damage in one quick swipe, and it can easily kill those high-level monsters in no time. For the most satisfying experience, you need to use a dragon scimitar. Fighting bosses in RuneScape is one of the most exciting parts of this massively multiplayer online game. (If you need help, check out our “how to beat all RuneScape bosses” guide.) These bosses drop rune weapons, which are some of the most powerful weapons in RuneScape. There are four kinds of rune weapons to choose from: the rune 2h sword, the rune battleaxe, the rune mace, and the rune staff. The rune battleaxe is the third strongest of the rune weapons, after the 2h sword and the mace. It is not as good as the 2h sword, but still much better than many weapons that you can make in the game.

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