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Top & Best Video Chat Apps For Windows/iOS/Android 2020

Video chatting has been around for decades, but only recently have video chat apps started to become more popular and widely used. To be fair, video chatting wasn’t practical before cell phones, and it wasn’t practical for a few more years until the speed of the internet caught up to the video quality. (We still need faster internet, though.) Now that video chatting is more practical, these are the best video chat apps out there.

In our modern day and age we are surrounded by technology and many of us have a smartphone in our pockets. It should come as no surprise that video calling is a popular way of staying connected with family, friends, and business colleagues. However, it can be difficult to choose the right communication service that works for you, especially when there are so many options. In this article, we highlight the best video chat apps so that you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

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Content of this article

What are video chat applications?

The internet revolution started two decades ago, and the innovations continue from time to time. And now we can go online on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, phablets, etc. with different configurations to meet the needs and bring the world closer.

The video chat revolution began ten years ago. With the rapid development of Internet access, this can be done with a single keystroke. Read on to learn more about the best and brightest video chat apps on Android, Windows and iOS devices.

Video chat applications

With a click of the mouse, we can connect to our well-being. It’s amazing… Therefore, to meet the needs of an innovative world, many video chat applications are available online. Here I have listed some of the most effective applications for video calls.

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We all know how Mr. Mark changed the world with an app. We can check our news feed, communicate with our friends, with the development of FACEBOOK the whole world has turned into a small bowl where we can easily communicate with each other.

It also has a FACEBOOK MESSENGER app that allows video calls, which is a good sign for Facebook. With Facebook Messenger, you can easily connect with all your Facebook friends to chat on video. Facebook is one of the best video chat apps on my list. Teleprompter apps also let you video chat with friends and family.


Along with Facebook, it is one of the most popular and widely used applications worldwide. The application itself says it is a messaging application. Initially, the application was only allowed for text messages. Later, after the update, it got many features like stories, stickers, video calls, payments, gifs, etc…..

The video calls in the app are so convenient that we can record a video during our correspondence. There is access to a group video call for up to 4 people. Tinder++ and WhatsApp Watusi are also available here.


I remember using skype a year or two ago. But it still has a place in the competition, being the inspiration for many calling applications. The main feature of Skype that I liked was the lack of buffering when calling or receiving a call.

Nevertheless, it is one of the best applications in the store and is loved by millions of users.


google duo is one of the newest video calling applications on the internet. It has its own style because it is a product of the technology giant Google. On many new devices, the google duo application is already pre-installed. Moreover, compared to Skype, there is no delay in the calls.

We can easily call our contacts with this application pre-installed.

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Viber, like Skype, is a widely used application that allows you to send text messages, calls, video calls and video messages. The Viber app is supported on both PCs and mobile devices, so it’s very easy to use. It is known that in 2016 RAKUTEN . a Japanese technology leader, bought Viber for $900 million. Stimulated by stiff competition from Facebook and WhatsApp, it has 350 million downloads and nearly 100 million active users.


  1. It has PC and mobile apps, video messaging, text messaging, and is free to download and works on Windows/iOS/android.
  2. DRAUBACK : To communicate, the other person must also have the same application.


FaceTime is a video calling application developed by Apple bought the FaceTime application from Facetime Communications in 2010. This app only works on iOS and Mac devices with a front-facing camera. Face Time was introduced with the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 series, which have cameras on the back and front. Later devices will then benefit from the Face Time app pre-installed in mobile devices and tablets. Face Time also has an audio calling feature. It has several language options that we can choose as our native language. This feature was only supported by Apple’s iOS 7 and later updates and MACOS X 10.6.6 and later updates.


  1. Supported on Apple products only
  2. Application size
  3. iOS 686.1kb
  4. MACOS 8.8mb
  5. virus-free
  6. Local preferences
  7. The group, which has been up to 32 since the iOS 12 update…

7. WeChat

WeChat is a versatile Chinese app for messaging, social networking and payments developed by TENCENT in 2011. It has over a billion monthly active users. In China, it is called a super app because of its multifunctional activities. WeChat is supported on all platforms, including PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. It works well on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Symbian.

This is the best video calling application for Symbian fans who still use it and also for Windows fans;


  1. Supports up to 20 languages
  2. MACOS -2.3.25
  3. iOS 7.0.4
  4. ANDROID 7.0.5WINDOWS 6.0.8
  5. Mass communication for official purposes MOMENTS


IMO messenger is a Chinese app in the store that allows us to send video calls, voice calls and text messages to all social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, google talk, MSN, etc.

It is the only unified solution for all social media messaging applications.

It is very small and easy to manage, consumes less data and works faster. We can make instant video calls with our friends and family and group calls regardless of the device supported by the platform.


  1. Less than 5 mb
  2. Supported by iOS
  3. You can exchange video and audio messages
  4. Possibility to create group chats


Hangouts is a communication app developed by GOOGLE. it was released in 2016 as part of google+, but later became a standalone app supported on PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and different platforms such as android, ios and web. it is a free app that can be found in the store. however, most third-party apps cannot access google hangouts. Snapchat++ IPA is a simplified version of the Snapchat application that is an alternative to Hangouts.


  1. Supports group calls for business purposes without delay.
  2. supported by major platforms such as ios android and google chrome
  3. less than 4 mb


JUSTALK is a free video calling and video chatting app fun. with many new stickers and sexy themes and the most popular app by teens. this app is only available in google play store and cloud store. it can be used in 3g, 4g also. But there is also a Plus subscription that requires you to pay a few dollars to take full advantage of the features. In this article you will also find WhatsApp++ iOS, a pirated version of the original WhatsApp that is an alternative to Justalk.


  1. Supported on ios 8.0 and above
  2. File size up to 80 MB
  3. android 7 and higher
  4. Size up to 24 MB

These are the most commonly used applications to communicate with people from different places for free. All you need is a perfect internet connection. All applications are free and available in game and app stores, so you don’t have to worry about viruses or malware.

Video chat application FAQs for Windows/iOS/Android

1. Is mobile access to the application secure?

Yes, you can access it without fear of viruses and malware.

What should I do if the application does not work?

Just uninstall the application and reinstall it as described above.

3. Will they charge a fee for all of the above uses?

No, in fact all applications are free and easily accessible.

These are the questions most often asked by a large number of users, and the answers come from several experienced people and from my own experience. As a result, answers will be more informed and accurate. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

Final decision:

Since the apps are available in the play stores, all the services will be good and the services are free. Since all applications have to pass all virus checks and are updated daily, you don’t have to worry about viruses. All video chat programs are free to use, and the reason for using them is up to you. So choose the one you like best and make use of all the advanced applications.

Thanks Geeks, I hope all this information is very valuable for you and if not, please send me a comment on your problem, I will show the best solution for this problem. That’s it folks, have a great day in life.

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