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Typorama for PC [Windows 7, 8, 10 And Mac]

Typorama is an application that helps us creating animated GIFs. You can change the background, the colors, the size and even add the picture from your phone or camera. Typorama will create you real GIF animations!

It is with huge amounts of pride that we are announcing the release of our first ever gaming title, Typorama for PC and Mac. Typorama is a fun new strategy game designed with casual gamers in mind, but not for the faint of heart! In this game you are tasked with creating the perfect racing team. Each car in the game is named after a famous Formula One driver. You have the ability to change the name (and pick the driver) of each car. You then take your team to an 8-race season over the course of a few months. Each race, your team faces off against teams from the past and present. You will need to out-think and out-race them to be crowned the winner!

Typorama is a unique application that combines 3D art tools, a drawing tablet, and a photo editor. The application’s robust drawing features allow you to take digital photos and create 3D models right inside the app. This means you can draw, design and sculpt your character in 3D with amazing detail. The interaction is so uncanny that it is almost as if you are drawing in air.

Do you love creating typography and quotes in new styles? Are you also looking for apps that allow you to create great text quotes? In this guide you can install Typorama for PC and Mac windows.

What is the Typorama?

Moreover, Typorama is a text embellishment application that allows you to create fantastic visual text effects with many features and effects. Moreover, any user can be creative in creating typographic art. No design data is required from the user.


  • More than 50 different typographic text styles
  • 100+ different fonts and sketches from famous designs
  • Double-click and preview the image with the text to be edited.
  • Ability to create transparent background images
  • It is easy to create a square image suitable for social media like Whatsapp, Twitter and others.
  • It’s easy to share with a friend by adding art.
  • Various backing plates and textures are available.
  • Support for custom font styles
  • There are other functions such as 3D distortion, gradient application, text shadows, etc.

How to install Typorama for PC Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac

To install Typorama for PC, you need to install the Bluestack android emulator because Typorama does not release a desktop version. So we will install the emulator first and then Typorama. Then you can use Typorama for Windows and Mac.

1. First of all. Download the Bluestack emulator installation file. To download the Bluestack installation file, use this official download link.

2. After downloading the installation file, install it on your computer. Read Bluestack’s installation guide here.

3. After installation, look for the search bar on the Bluestack home screen. Enter Typorama and click Search.

4. Look in the search results for information on the application. Now find the Install button and click it to install.

5. Once the installation is complete, the Typorama application shortcut will be visible on the Bluestack home screen. Click on it and start using Typorama for Windows. If you are using a Mac, follow the same steps on your Mac computer to install Typorama for Mac.

In addition, the Typorama application offers many options for creating new quotes at your leisure. Some users feel that design knowledge is necessary to use Typorama. But you don’t need design knowledge to use this application. Typorama is also not available to desktop users. The Bluestack emulator will help you to install Typorama on your computer. So leave a comment below if you have any questions about the installation.Typorama is a combination of two words. “Typos” are the little mistakes that we make while typing, such as missing letters, transpositions of letters, misplacing a word. “Rama” is the Sanskrit term for the universe. “Typorama” is a place where these typos are collected. Typorama is a place where you can play a game of typos. The object of the game is to play some typos that have a rama-like sound. For instance, “typorama” is a rama-like word and if you type it, it will play the word “typorama.. Read more about apps like typorama for pc and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Typorama on PC?

Yes, Typorama is available for PC.

How do you get Typorama on PC?

You can download Typorama for PC from the Windows Store.

How much does Typorama cost?

Typorama is free to use.

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